The Shannon Pohl Badminton Academy offers private lessons, group lessons, camps, coaching clinics, tournaments, badminton open gym, and a pro shop. Shannon Pohl is also available for demonstrations and speeches. For more information about the Shannon Pohl Badminton Academy, sponsorship opportunities, or to book her for an event, please contact Shannon.

IHSA State Finals Bound!

Congrats to the following players who are state bound after Thursday’s & Friday’s Sectionals:

SPBA Gold Squad:
Emily Spoolstra & Hannah Spoolstra (York)-Doubles Champions
Maya Trinka (OPRF)-Singles Champion
Jessica Hirsh (Prospect)-Doubles Champion
Jessica Schwartz (Buffalo Grove)-Singles Champion
Ashley Richardson (Stevenson)-Doubles Champion

SPBA Silver Squad:
Emily Mrstik & Bridget Dungan (Rolling Meadows)-Doubles 4th Place

SPBA Advanced Players:
Stephanie Mayer (Buffalo Grove)- Doubles Runner-Up
Jennifer Martin (Glenbrook North)-Doubles 3rd Place

Golder College Prep:
Danna Melgoza Gallegos (Golder College Prep)-Single 4th Place

Former SPBAers:
Maddie Wilson (Deerfield)-Doubles 4th Place
Gerri Soren (Deerfield)-Singles Champion
Julia Siebert (New Trier)-Singles 2nd Place
Elly Kikos (New Trier)-Singles 3rd Place
Jiayi Huang (Glenbrook North)-Singles 2nd Place
Nicole Xia (Stevenson)-Doubles Champion

Good luck to everyone at State this weekend! I’ll be there cheering for you all!

SPBA Jr. National Ranking Tournament on Feb 14-15th.

logo-webThe SPBA will host their sixth annual junior tournament on President’s weekend, Feb 14-15th. Come out to this great event and watch some of the top junior players in the country. This will be the second year in a row that the tournament will count for Junior National Rankings.  This year the tournament will count for 10% Ranking Points. This year the tournament will count for 10% Ranking Points. This will be the largest event ever for the SPBA with 125 participants including players from IL, CT, VA, MO, GA, OH, WI, and IN. Locally, 68 athletes will compete for Shannon Pohl Badminton Academy, 27 athletes will compete for Midwest Badminton Club, and 16 will compete from Egret Badminton Club. Come support these great badminton athletes.

8:15 a.m. Registration and Warm-Up
9:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.(approximately)
Girls and Boys Singles U11, U13, U15, U17, U19, and U22.

8:15 a.m. Registration and Warm-Up
9:00 a.m.- 7:00 p.m.(approximately)
Girls and Boys Doubles and Mixed and some singles finals U11, U13, U15, U17, U19, and U22.
All U22 BS matches will be played on Sunday.

Full schedule and draws with individual match times

Spectator Admission Fee – $4 per person per day (Free under age 10) (a portion of this fee goes to the Rackets for Uganda Fund).

Shannon is competing in an International Grand Prix tournament today!

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 3.35.19 PMHi everyone! I’m playing in the round of 16 of the K & D Graphics Grand Prix today in California against Joy Lai of Australia (who beat Peru in the round of 32).

My match is the 7th match scheduled on court 1 today, which means it will likely be between 4-5 pm California time (6-7 pm Chicago time). Of course what time it is exactly depends on how close the matches are before me. My match is on court 1, following the match of Beiwen Zhang vs Anoma Phongasavithas. If you are in Southern California, come on out and watch some matches!

SPBA, if you’d like to follow along live online, go to and click on LiveScore 2014 K & D Graphics Grand Prix (on the right side of the page).

It’s going to be tough but I’ll fight my hardest out there!

Enter the Parent/Child Tournament today!

logoJoin us on December 6th, 2014 for a super fun day of family badminton! Events will be held in Men’s Doubles (Father/Son), Women’s Doubles (Mother/Daughter), and Mixed Doubles (Father/Daughter or Mother/Son).

DSC_0189smallThis is designed to be a fun and social event with a bit of competitiveness too. Parents of
badminton players… this is your chance to join in on all the fun and spend some time with your children! All ages and levels are welcome (no prior experience required). This event is open to anyone and their parent/guardian. Let’s have a fun day out on the courts!

More details and entry form available here!


77 SPBA Players Have earned Junior National Rankings!

See the full USA Badminton Jr. National Rankings here and click on “Latest Rankings”.

BS U19
72-Isaak Lu

BD U19
42-Isaak Lu

GS U19
15-Kiley Walsh
20-Julia Siebert
20-Jessica Hirsh
28-Madison Fortman
31-Katherine Ortell
31-Mady Berns
31-Yixuan Wang
31-Gerri Soren
31-Naomi Ecanow
31-Rachel Gross
45-Samantha Merkin
45-Allison Behling
45-Olenka Kalinowski
45-Jenny Martin
45-Julia Zazove
52-Juana Camacho
52-Emily Mrstik
55-Bridget Dungan
55-Megan Griffin
55-Abby Rosenbaum
55-Nicki Flynn
55-Heather Shin
55-Samantha Glazer
55-Noreen Caporusso
55-Brinda Dollu
55-Elizabeth Onishenko

GD U19
22-Madison Fortman
22-Mady Berns
27-Kiley Walsh
27-Noreen Caporusso
27-Jessica Hirsh
27-Gerri Soren
27-Rachel Gross
27-Brinda Dollu
33-Yixuan Wang
33-Elizabeth Onishenko
38-Katherine Ortell
38-Naomi Ecanow
40-Emily Mrstik
40-Bridget Dungan
43-Megan Griffin
45-Allison Behling
45-Jenny Martin
45-Heather Shin
45-Nicki Flynn
50-Julia Zazove
50-Olenka Kalinowski
50-Juana Camacho
50-Samantha Merkin
50-Abby Rosenbaum
50-Samantha Glazer
50-Julia Siebert

XD U19
44-Kiley Walsh
48-Brinda Dollu
65-Elizabeth Onishenko
65-Isaak Lu
65-Emily Mrstik
65-Julia Siebert
65-Jessica Hirsh
65-Madison Fortman
65-Katherine Ortell
65-Mady Berns
65-Yixuan Wang
65-Gerri Soren
65-Naomi Ecanow
65-Rachel Gross
65-Samantha Merkin
65-Allison Behling
65-Olenka Kalinowski
65-Jenny Martin
65-Julia Zazove
65-Juana Camacho
65-Bridget Dungan
65-Megan Griffin
65-Abby Rosenbaum
65-Nicki Flynn
65-Heather Shin
65-Samantha Glazer
65-Noreen Caporusso

75-Edmond Shao

68-Edmond Shao

44-Danna Gallegos
48-Allison MacDonald
49-Gabrielle Ecanow
49-Emma Wagner
54-Katie Jarosz
56-Ashley Richardson
58-Maya Trinka
65-Sneha Poondru
65-Teodora Vukosavljevic
69-Damin Paik
69-Jordan Zatz
69-Niveda Tennety
74-Anastasia Stanley
74-Claire Pontello
74-Lillian Hermes
74-Emma Bloomfield
74-Sydney Merkin
74-Madeleine Chow
74-Vivien Liu
74-Evanna Gu
74-Sarah Litwin

35-Katie Jarosz
41-Allison MacDonald
41-Gabrielle Ecanow
49-Emma Wagner
52-Sydney Merkin
52-Sarah Litwin
55-Ashley Richardson
55-Maya Trinka
62-Niveda Tennety
64-Damin Paik
64-Anastasia Stanley
71-Danna Gallegos
71-Sneha Poondru
71-Jordan Zatz
71-Claire Pontello
71-Lillian Hermes
71-Emma Bloomfield
71-Madeleine Chow
71-Vivien Liu
71-Evanna Gu
71-Teodora Vukosavljevic

93-Edmond Shao
93-Katie Jarosz
93-Allison MacDonald
93-Gabrielle Ecanow
93-Emma Wagner
93-Sydney Merkin
93-Sarah Litwin
93-Ashley Richardson
93-Maya Trinka
93-Niveda Tennety
93-Damin Paik
93-Anastasia Stanley
93-Danna Gallegos
93-Sneha Poondru
93-Jordan Zatz
93-Claire Pontello
93-Lillian Hermes
93-Emma Bloomfield
93-Madeleine Chow
93-Vivien Liu
93-Evanna Gu
93-Teodora Vukosavljevic

BS U15

63-James Sugrue
75-Haoyang Yu
104-Amrith Ravikumar
104-Alexandre Clavel

BD U15
76-James Sugrue
83-Haoyang Yu
103-Amrith Ravikumar
103-Alexandre Clavel

GS U15
57-Vanshika Ramesh
63-Katherine Zeng
81-Roshini Merneedi
85-Julie Zhu
89-Pallavi Panchpor
89-Thivya Sivarajah
89-Riya Gyanmote
89-Michelle Cai
89-Annie Xu

GD U15
52-Vanshinka Ramesh
65-Katherine Zeng
65-Michelle Cai
82-Riya Gyanmote
82-Roshini Merneedi
82-Julie Zhu
82-Pallavi Panchpor
82-Thivya Sivarajah
82-Annie Xu

XD U15
112-Haoyang Yu
112-Roshini Merneedi
136-Amrith Ravikumar
136-Pallavi Panchpor
136-James Sugrue
136-Vanshika Ramesh
136-Thivya Sivarajah
136-Katherine Zeng
136-Julie Zhu
136-Alexandre Clavel
136-Riya Gyanmote
136-Michelle Cai
136-Annie Xu

50-Anthony Luo

47-Anthony Luo

42-Alexandra Sugrue
43-Alicia Zeng
43-Megan Wei
43-Joie You
52-Kathleen Jin
64-Emily Liu
64-Estelle Park
64-Ashley Ziegler
64-Clare Hu
64-Rebecca Shi

42-Alexandra Sugrue
42-Megan Wei
42-Joie You
51-Alicia Zeng
51-Kathleen Jin
59-Emily Liu
59-Estelle Park
59-Ashley ZIegler
59-Claire Hu
59-Rebecca Shi

65-Alexandra Sugrue
93-Megan Wei
93-Rebecca Shi
93. Anthony Luo
93-Emily Liu
93-Alicia Zeng
93-Estelle Park
93-Joie You
93-Kathleen Jin
93-Ashley Ziegler
93-Clare Hu

61-Sivank Yagnamurthy
61-Joey Zhu

65-Sivank Yagnamurthy
65-Joey Zhu

25-Anna Cai
25-Elisabeth Clavel
36-Sharanya Rao

29-Anna Cai
29-Elisabeth Clavel
29-Sharanya Rao

75-Sivank Yagnamurthy
75-Joey Zhu
75-Anna Cai
75-Elisabeth Clavel
75-Sharanya Rao

Shannon coached Team USA at the Jr. Pan American Championships

logopanamguate2014Shannon was one of the coaches for Team USA at the Pan American Junior Badminton Championships in Guatemala City, Guatemala from July 21-29th.  20140726 Guatemala -317

The Under 19 Junior National US Team won all of it’s team matches to take the Team Gold Medal. They beat Brazil in the final 3-1. This was the first Gold Medal in the Team event since 2010, which was also the last time Shannon had the pleasure of being part of the coaching staff.

20140722 Guatemala -237alogo_panamIndividual events were held in girls singles, girls doubles, boys singles, boys doubles, and mixed doubles in 20140726 Guatemala -268all age groups from Under 11 up through Under 19. In the individual events the total medals won by the United States players included 22 Gold, 19 Silver and 26 Bronze in the 25 events. Congratulations to all the players, coaches, managers, parents, and clubs on this incredible performance!dsc_0362

Not only did American players have fun on the court, but players and their families also had got to learn about Guatemalan culture, trying the local Guatemalan cuisine, touring nearby Antigua, visiting local artisan markets, and watching the dancers, musicians and soldiers in the Opening Ceremony.

dsc_0220Many of you are probably wondering how to qualify for this impressive team!  Here’s how . . . Earlier this year, the top ranked players in the country in all age groups competed in the Junior Internationaldsc_0174 Trials (JIT) in California for an opportunity to qualify for the US junior team. At the JIT, players are competing  to be one of the four singles spots, four mixed spots, and two doubles spots per event to qualify for the Jr. Pan American Championships.  JIT and the Jr. Pan American dsc_0248Championships are events that are held annually.  Only players with dsc_0005very high Junior National Rankings are qualified to try-out in the JIT.  There were no players from the Midwest Region who qualified for the Pan Am Junior Championships this year, but with more Midwesterners entering the Junior National Rankings, we hope to see SPBA players at Jr. Nationals, JIT and the Pan Am Junior Championships in the future!

See tons of photos from this exciting event here!

North Shore Open
Photos & Results

nsodsc_0091This year’s North Shore Open was held June 13-15th. This is the premier tournament at the SPBA.

Both adults and juniors of all levels participated and events were held in A-B-C-D dropflight format in dsc_0099women’s singles, women’s doubles, men’s singles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles. Awards were given to finalists of all flights, and a special North Shore Open towel was given to all participants!

Check out results and see the photos here!

2014 IHSA State Championships

I’m so proud of all my 12 past and present students who qualified for the State Championships! What a wonderful weekend we had!

dsc_000212 State Qualifiers:
Emma Menich, Gerri Soren, Jessica Hirsh, Jessica Schwartz, Jiayi Huang, Julia Siebert, Kiley Walsh, Madison Fortman, Mady Berns, Nicki Flynn, Olenka Kalinowski, Rachel Andersen

dsc_04196 Sectional Champions:
Gerri Soren, Jessica Hirsh, Jessica Schwartz, Kiley Walsh, Olenka Kalinowski, Rachel Andersen

6 State Medals for 4 Players:
Jessica Hirsh: 3rd in State Doubles
Madison Fortman & Mady Berns: 4th in State Doubles, State Team Runner-Up
Jessica Schwartz: State Team Runner-Up


Congratulations to My Advanced State Championship Target Class:dsc_0411

Jessica Hirsh- Conference Runner-Up (singles), Sectional Champion (doubles), 3rd in State (doubles). All your success is a result of all your dedication and hard work. Next year, let’s win it all!

Gerri Soren- #1 Singles Conference Champion, Sectional Champion (singles), Top 12 in state (singles).  Sky is the limit next year!

Brinda Dollu- Conference Champion (doubles). You worked so hard this year and made incredible improvements to your game and your rise up the line-up at Fremd proved it.  Next year: State Bound!

dsc_0052Jessica Schwartz- Conference Runner-Up (singles & doubles), State Qualifier (singles), Top 16 in state (singles), State Team Runner-Up. And we still have another year to go!  Next year: Podium!dsc_0367

Madison Fortman- Sectional Runner-Up (doubles), 4th in State (doubles), State Team Runner-up. Last year we said, next year: Podium and boy were we right! Congratulations on a great season and best of luck in college!

Mady Berns- Sectional Runner-Up (doubles), 4th in State (doubles), State Team Runner-up. You did it!  On the podium twice! Very well deserved and best of luck in college!
Kiley Walsh- 27-0 record at #1 doubles, Conference Runner-up (singles), Sectional Champion singles, Top 12 in State. After Noreen’s injury and having to switch to singles last minute, you still took state top seeded Gomez to 20 all. What a wonderful career. Good luck in college and with your golf!

Noreen Caporusso- 27-0 record at #1 doubles your senior year after recovering from your ACL injury last year.  You should be very proud of yourself and your tremendous high school career. You bounced back before and you will again.  You are one of the most determined and talented players I’ve ever coached and I know you have a very bright future in golfdsc_0322 in college!

All that running training was worth it! Next year, we’re not stopping until State! I’m so proud of ALL of you!

dsc_0174-1Congrats to my
private lesson students:

Olenka Kalinowski & Rachel Anderson- Sectional Champions, Top 24 in state (doubles). You guys are so dedicated and you will undoubtably do well in your future! Congratulations on a great senior year and all the best to you next year in college!

Marion Lewis- Despite injury set-backs, you were able to put it all out there on the line, play well and give it your very best shot your senior year.  It’s been a pleasure to coach you and all the best of luck at Princeton!dsc_0013small


Well Done Golder College Prep: It’s been a joy to coach Chicago’s only badminton team for the second year in a row.  We are making big improvements in our level and I know next year we will be even stronger! Congratulations and keep up the hard work!




To My 8 Deerfield Senior Varsity Players: Allison Sutton, Allison Manella, Allison Behling, Nicki Flynn, Julia Zazove, Abby Rosenbaum, Samantha Merkin, & Lauren Spungen-
It’s been such a pleasure coaching you all these past 4-5 years.  Your enthusiasm, dedication, and work ethic inspired your entire team and lead you to many successes and titles at the conference, sectional, and state level these past 4 years. IMG_3732-1

Not only that, but the SPBA wouldn’t be where it is today without you and all the positive word of mouth you spread to your friends, teammates, relatives, and the national badminton community. This helped grow the club and lead to me being named USA Badminton Developmental Coach of the Year and a finalist for the United States Olympic Committee Developmental Coach of the Year.  I am thankful to all of you for helping me pursue my passion for badminton as a career.

Best of luck to all my graduating seniors in the future! I’ll miss you!

See more photos from the IHSA Season, Sectionals & State here!