The Shannon Pohl Badminton Academy offers private lessons, group lessons, camps, coaching clinics, tournaments, badminton open gym, and a pro shop. Shannon Pohl is also available for demonstrations and speeches. For more information about the Shannon Pohl Badminton Academy, sponsorship opportunities, or to book her for an event, please contact Shannon.

Congratulations to the
63 SPBA players earning
Jr. National Rankings

See the full USA Badminton Jr. National Rankings here and click on “Latest Rankings”.

Current Jr. National Rankings of SPBA Players:

81-Issac Lu

45-Isaac Lu

20-Kiley Walsh
23-Jessica Hirsh
23-Julia Siebert
27-Madison Fortman
30-Katherine Ortell
30-Mady Berns
30-Yixuan Wang
30-Gerri Soren
30-Naomi Ecanow
30-Rachel Gross
46- Samantha Merkin
46-Allison Behling
46-Olenka Kalinowski
46-Jenny Marten
46-Julia Zazove
54-Abby Rosenbaum
54-Juana Camacho
54-Nicki Flynn
54-Emily Mrstik
54-Heather Shin
54-Samantha Glazer
54-Bridget Dungan
54-Noreen Caporusso
54-Brinda Dollu
54-Elizabeth Onishchenko

23-Madison Fortman
23-Mady Berns
27-Kiley Walsh
27-Noreen Caporusso
27-Jessica Hirsh
27-Gerri Soren
27-Brinda Dollu
27-Rachel Gross
33-Elizabeth Onishchenko
33-Yixuan Wang
40-Katherine Ortell
40-Naomi Ecanow
43-Allison Behling
43-Nicki Flynn
43-Jenny Marten
43-Heather Shin
48-Samantha Merkin
48-Abby Rosenbaum
48-Samantha Glazer
48-Juana Camacho
48-Emily Mrstik
48-Bridget Dungan
48-Julia Siebert
48-Olenka Kalinowski
48-Julia Zazove

48-Kiley Walsh
51-Brinda Dollu
75-Isaac Lu
75-Emily Mrstik
75-Elizabeth Onishchenko
75-Jessica Hirsh
75-Julia Siebert
75-Katherine Ortell
75-Mady Berns
75-Yixuan Wang
75-Naomi Ecanow
75-Abby Rosenbaum
75-Madison Fortman
75-Rachel Gross
75-Samantha Merkin
75-Allison Behling
75-Juana Camacho
75-Olenka Kalinowski
75-Nicki Flynn
75-Jenny Marten
75-Julia Zazove
75-Heather Shin
75-Samantha Glazer
75-Bridget Dungan
75-Noreen Caporusso
75-Elizabeth Onishchenko

79-Edmond Shao

68-Edmond Shao

41-Danna Gallegos
45-Allison MacDonald
48-Gabrielle Ecanow
61-Teodora Vukosavljevic
61-Sneha Poondru
61-Katie Jarosz
67-Syndey Merkin
67-Madeleine Chow
67-Vivien Liu
67-Evanna Gu
67-Sarah Litwin

44-Katie Jarosz
46-Allison MacDonald
46-Gabrielle Ecanow
54-Sydney Merkin
54-Sarah Litwin
66-Danna Gallegos
66-Sneha Poondru
66-Madeleine Chow
66-Vivien Liu
66-Evanna Gu
66-Teodora Vukosavljevic

103-Edmond Shao
103-Katie Jarosz
103-Danna Gallegos
103-Allison MacDonald
103-Gabrielle Ecanow
103-Teodora Vukosavljevic
103-Sneha Poondru
103-Sydney Merkin
103-Madeleien Chow
103-Vivien Liu
103-Evanna Gu
103-Sarah Litwin

57-James Sugrue
101-Alexandre Clavel

64-James Sugrue
98-Alexandre Clavel

53-Esther Shi
56-Vanshika Ramesh
63-Katherine Zeng
74-Roshini Merneedi
77-Kaitlyn Lu
77-Riya Gyanmote
77-Michelle Cai
77-Pallavi Panchpor
77-Julie Zhu

46-Vanshika Ramesh
47-Esther Shi
54-Kaitlyn Lu
61-Michelle Cai
61-Katherine Zeng
73-Roshini Merneedi
73-Riya Gyanmote
73-Pallavi Panchpor
73-Julie Zhu

84-Esther Shi
132-James Sugrue
132-Kaitlyn Lu
132-Alexandre Clavel
132-Vanshika Ramesh
132-Katherine Zeng
132-Riya Gyanmote
132-Michelle Cai
132-Pallavi Panchpor
132-Roshini Merneedi
132-Julie Zhu

33-Alexandra Sugrue
36-Megan Wei
36-Joie You
36-Alicia Zeng
41-Jyotsna Harikrishna
42-Kathleen Jin
52-Ashley Ziegler
52-Clare Hu
52-Estelle Park
52-Rebecca Shi

35-Alexandra Sugrue
35-Jyotsna Harikrishna
35-Megan Wei
35-Joie You
40-Alicia Zeng
40-Kathleen Jin
50-Ashley Ziegler
50-Clare Hu
50-Estelle Park
50-Rebecca Shi

56-Alexandra Sugrue
92-Megan Wei
92-Rebecca Shi
92-Alicia Zeng
92-Joie You
92-Jyotsna Harikrishna
92-Kathleeen JIn
92-Ashley Ziegler
92-Clare Hu
92-Estelle Park

24-Anna Cai
24-Elisabeth Clavel
36-Sharanya Rao

33-Anna Cai
33-Elisabeth Clavel
33-Sharanya Rao

72-Anna Cai
72-Elisabeth Clavel
72-Sharanya Rao

Camp & Coaching Clinic with Olympian Anna Rice &
National Champion Bobby Milroy
Final Deadline Monday


The USBEF Midwest Regional Junior Camp & Coaching Clinic Feb 28-March 1st.

Details and Entry Form

Postmark Deadline Extended to:
Tomorrow, Saturday, February 22nd

Online Entry Deadline or hand to shannon by:
Monday, February 24th.  (If you want to enter online, scan your forms and email them to and make online payment.)

RSVP Event Facebook Page

Camp Schedule:
Friday: 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Saturday: 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Fee: $195
Junior Camp-Make Online Payment 
**Junior players: If you can only make it to one of the two days, the fee is $100.  Please email Shannon at for details.

Coaches Clinic Schedule:
Friday: 4:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Saturday: 3:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Fee: $150
Coaching Clinic-Make Online Payment 

The SPBA was given a special grant from the United States Badminton Educational Foundation to host this exciting event this year with some of the top players and coaches around.  We are very fortunate to have been given this regional camp and it is not the type of event that happens often!  I encourage you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity for our region.

The event will be the weekend before the start of the IHSA season and a wonderful chance to sharpen up your skills and prepare for try-outs! This is the final push before the start of the high school season.

Junior boy and girl players of all levels are welcome to join this camp. This is a USA Badminton Midwest Regional event and all clubs are welcome to participate and take advantage of this opportunity. Coaches of all levels and parents who want to learn more about helping their children grow as a badminton athlete are encouraged to do the coaching clinic.  All participants must be a member of USA Badminton ($40) or have a USA Badminton junior club sticker.

Anna Rice is an 2 X Olympian (once in singles and once in doubles), top 16 in the world, 5 X Canadian National Champion, 2 X Pan American Champion, US Open winner & coach of and Badminton Vancouver.

Bobby Milroy is the current Canadian National Champion (he also won 16 years earlier), World Ranking #18, Swiss Open Champion, & former President of the World Badminton Players Federation.

Shannon Pohl is the 2012 USA Badminton Developmental Coach of the Year and she was also one of three finalist for the 2012 US Olympic Committee Coach of the Year amongst all Olympic sports.  She is also a 4 X US World Championships Team Member and a former #1 Ranked US Women’s Singles Player and Bronze Medalist at the Pan American Championships.

Ben Hussey has been ranked as high as #5 in the US and he was also a member of the Pan Am Championships  US Team. He has won the Midwest Regional Championships 12 times.

Read camp/clinic testimonials and see photos from 2012 here.

Congratulations! SPBA Players Place at the Midwest Regional Jr. Championships!

MWRegionalJr LogoSPBA hosted the Midwest Regional Junior Championships on February 15-16th. This was the first junior national ranking tournament ever for the Midwest region!
GS U19­
2nd – Kiley Walsh
Cons 1st  – Madison Fortman
Cons 2nd – Rachel Gross

GD U19
2nd – Mady Berns/ Madison Fortman
Cons  1st – Elizabeth Onishchenko/Yixuan Wang
Cons 2nd – Naomi Ecanow/Katherine Ortell

BD U19
3rd  – Isaac Lu/ Preston Lee (OH)

2nd – Kiley Walsh/Jonathan Shee (MA)
3rd – Brinda Dollu/Chun Lok Lo (MA)

GS U17
Cons 1st – Allison MacDonald
Cons 2nd – Gabrielle Ecanow

GD U17
2nd – Katie Jarosz/Jiayi Huang (Egret)
3rd – Gabrielle Ecanow/Allison MacDonald
Cons 1st – Vanshika Ramesh/Emma Wagner (Egret)
Cons 2nd– Sarah Litwin/Sydney Merkin

GS U15
Cons 1st – Vanshika Ramesh
Cons 2nd– Katherine Zeng

GD U15
2nd – Esther Shi/Claire Pan (MO)
3rd – Kaitlyn Lu/Nitya Nagarajan (MBC)
Cons 2nd– Michelle Cai/ Katherine Zeng

BS U15
4th  – James Sugrue

BD U15
2nd – James Sugrue/Justin Yang (MBC)

3rd – Esther Shi/Jason Xie (CT)
4th  – James Sugrue/Kaitlyn Lu

GS U13
3rd  – Alexandra Sugrue
Cons 1st – Jyotsna Harikrishna
Cons 2nd  – Kathleen Jin

GD U13
3rd – Megan Wei/Joie You
3rd – Jyotsna Harikrishna/Alexandra Sugrue

3rd  – Alexandra Sugrue/ Rupak Biswas (CT)

GS U11
3rd  – Anna Cai
4th  – Elisabeth Clavel

Paint the Gym Purple!

purple-paint-brush_300We have just been given approval to paint the back walls purple on the remaining 4 badminton courts!  This will make for a better playing experience at open gym, tournaments, and camps and clinics!  In order to do this, we need your help! This is no easy feat as it requires renting some seriously expensive machinery to reach the top of the high ceilings and many gallons of paint!

Please consider making a $10 donation today towards this project!

We are also looking for people willing to help paint! Contact Shannon at for more details.

USA Badminton Umpire Clinic- Friday, Feb. 7th!

usabadminton2Olympic Umpire Lynn Maund will be doing an Umpire clinic on Friday, February 7th at the SPBA for badminton players, enthusiasts, and parents interested in learning to become a certified USA Badminton Umpire.  Sign up today! This course is being held prior to the Midwest Regional Jr. Championships (Feb 15-17), which will serve as an excellent opportunity for trainees to have full on-court training.

After the clinic, you will develop your technical official skills at the tournament while helping an important event to run smoothly. You will be learning from the best in the field! For those feeling sufficiently prepared, evaluations can be conducted as a part of this event and the written exam can be administered so that by the end of the Midwest Regional Jr. Championships, you can become a fully accredited Regional Umpire.

Anyone is eligible to learn from the clinic but full certification is only available to current members of USA Badminton age 18 years and older. Registration forms here. Deadline February 6th.

SPBA Member Parent/Student Informational Meeting Today!

I will be hosting an informational meeting today, January 11th at 4 pm in the Adversity Facility Cafeteria for both parents and students of the SPBA. I will be going over details about our upcoming junior national ranking tournament on February 15-17th (President’s Day Weekend). This is a very exciting opportunity for not only our club but for our region and it is important we are well prepared so we can do a great job as hosts! I will go over details about jr. national rankings, how parents and kids can get involved and prepared for the tournament, other tournament opportunities locally and nationally, Junior Naitonals, information for parents interested in becoming an umpire, USBEF Midwest Regional Camp information with Olympian Anna Rice, and more! I encourage all SPBA players of all levels and their parents to attend.

Shannon gives assembly for 150 fifth graders at McCormick Elementary School

McCormick Elementary 3As an Athlete Ambassador for World Sport Chicago, Shannon has partnered with McCormick Elementary School for the 2013-2014 school year. On October 22nd, Shannon gave a one hour assembly on badminton, goal setting and the importance of physical fitness. She also emphasized the importance of the Chicago Public Schools’ 30+20+10 initiative, which offers students 30 minutes of physical education, 20 minutes of recess, and 10 minutes of in-class physical activity.

McCormickElementary 24

Shannon’s presentation was very interactive.. including equipment demonstrations, goal setting activities, children trying badminton for the first time, lots of questions from the students, and even some points between Shannon and a teacher!  The kids had a great time!  Read more and see photos here!

Shannon visits the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center

UnknownA few weeks ago, Shannon had the privilege of returning to the US Olympic Training Center for the third time this year. The United States Olympic Committee invited her and fellow coach of Golder College Prep, Tina Lulla, to attend the 2013 Ethnic Minority Women in Coaching Leadership Conference. She also toured the Olympic Training Center and attend a meeting at USA Badminton headquarters.

View photos of her trip here.1467483_621142507927028_359668004_n

Shannon and Tina (pictured to the right) were inspired by workshops and presentations from a variety of experts in coaching and leadership including many female Olympic Gold Medalists who have gone on to incredibly successful careers in sport management. Shannon was particularly excited to see the 7920_159564811037_4410187_npresentation of five time Olympian Teresa Edwards (4 time Olympic Gold Medalist and 1 time Bronze Medalist in basketball). Shannon had been inspired by her when they first met four years ago when Teresa was induced to the US Olympic Hall of Fame along with the likes of The Dream Team and Bonnie Blair.  Shannon had been a badminton performer at that event (picture at the Olympic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony to the left).

Enter the Parent/Child Badminton Tournament Today!

logoDate: Saturday December 7th

Join us for a super fun day of family badminton! Events will be held in Men’s Doubles (Father/Son), Women’s Doubles (Mother/Daughter), and Mixed Doubles (Father/Daughter or Mother/Son). Events will be double elimination.

There will also be a prize for the bestdsc02032
dressed team. Participants are encouraged to show their team spirit by wearing creative team shirts, uniforms, or costumes with their doubles partners.

This is designed to be a fun and social event with a bit of competitiveness too.  Parents of badminton players… this is your dsc02033chance to join in on all the fun and spend some time with your children! All ages and levels are welcome (no prior experience required). This event is open to anyone and their parent/guardian. Let’s have a fun day out on the courts!

Entry form and more information available here.


Shannon is now an
Athlete Ambassador for
World Sport Chicago

WSCBrand16.AthleteAmbassador-280x220.gifShannon was recently selected as an Athlete Ambassador for World Sport Chicago. This program matches intercollegiate athletes, professional athletes, Olympians and Paralympians with Chicago elementary schools to inspire, encourage, and motivate Chicago kids to make positive life choices that are important both in school and in sports. Athlete Ambassadors meet with their partner elementary schools at least three times a year to develop a relationship with the students and to serve as positive role models. The goal of this program is to have a consistent presence of positive and inspiring role models to leave a lasting impact on the students as they prepare for their future. Read more about it here.