Indoor Use Only, Clean,
Non-Marking Shoes
Required at New Facility

Have an old pair of badminton shoes that don’t fit you anymore? The SPBA would love to have them for shoe rentals! We will buy your used badminton shoe (no holes) for $10 in select sizes. Bring them to the SPBA to get your $10!

Shoe rentals are now available!. If you don’t have the right type of shoe you can rent a shoe for $5. Available in most sizes.

In order to play in the new space you must have indoor use only clean non-marking shoes that you change into when you come inside the facility. This way we keep our court matts in great condition. Our badminton mats are the top quality mat in the world and we want to keep them that way for years to come! If you are not changing into your indoor nonmarking shoe INSIDE the gym or if you have a marking sole shoe you will not be allowed to play on the courts. We don’t want to track in the rain, mud, dirt, snow etc..

Need to buy a pair of new badminton shoes? No worries, we also sell new ones at the pro shop. We sell Li-Ning Badminton shoes and we will soon be offering Yonex shoes in stock. 

Thanks for your help!