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The SPBA Fall Session registration is now available!


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Everyone must sign the new Covid-19 Waiver Form. New players must also sign our traditional waiver form. There will be more copies at the gym, however as spectators aren’t permitted inside at this time we ask that you sign them in advance and bring them, if possible.

Please watch the videos below and familiarize yourself with the new safety regulations you must follow for the safety of everyone. 

***Due to COVID-19 State Regulations, NO MAKEUPS WILL BE PERMITTED IN THE FALL SESSION. We have pre-built in free classes for you (in the form of discounts) for the fall session so you don’t have to worry if you miss a class. Extra classes missed beyond this will be lost except for in emergency circumstances. The more classes you sign up for, the more discounts you will get. And if you have perfect attendance, then please enjoy your bonus free classes.

**Players with credit left over after Spring Session, Zoom Online Classes, and the Summer Session: We have kept track of everyone’s balance at the end of the Spring Session, Zoom Online Classes, and the Fall Session. We are committed to giving everyone value for the money they spent on lessons in the Spring 2020 session. Players can use their remaining credit for the Fall 2020, Winter 2020/2021, and Spring 2021 sessions. Players can spend their credit on up to 25% off their class fee in the summer session now 50% off their class fees & private lesson fees during the above mentioned future sessions. The more classes a player enrolls in, the sooner they will use up their credit. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

SPBA Member and Guest Safety Procedures


SPBA Safety Guidelines: Fall Session Classes

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The Shannon Pohl Badminton Academy has coached both male and female students ages 5-75 and is happy to design a custom badminton program that is perfect for you! Get ahead of the competition—register online today!

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PLEASE NOTE IHSA RULES: No restrictions on badminton lessons during the season!
I studied the IHSA rules and also confirmed with the IHSA that taking lessons at the SPBA during the high school badminton season does not affect IHSA eligibility. During the school year and during the badminton season any number of students from a school may participate in a sports lesson provided no coach from the school is involved in any respect and no matches are played. If a coach of an IHSA team coaches at a coaching school, no more than 2 players from the coach’s school may take lessons during the school year.


clinicThe SPBA has a variety of private and semi-private lesson times available throughout the year. Come in and perfect your technique, footwork, or strategic game! Having trouble with a specific shot or want to move up in the line-up? Our coaches can create customized lessons for you. Players can book one private lesson at a time or weekly private lessons. Players must have a membership to the SPBA to participate in private lessons. Please refer to SPBAFallSession.pdf

1 Player 2 Players 3-4 Players
$80/hour $100/hour $120/hour
*Pay for 10 (1 hour) lessons up front, get one hour private lessons free!


Several Classes are available throughout the year. Players must have a membership to the SPBA to participate in group classes ($100 per individual for 2020 please see here for family pricing). These sessions break down to $20 per hour per player. All classes will be taught by our team of highly qualified SPBA coaches. Go to SPBAFallSession.pdf for a list of classes, schedules, pricing, and registration instructions.

  • Beginner Class for Ages 6-10
  • Beginner Class for Ages 11+
  • Advanced Beginner Class
  • Intermediate Class
  • Advanced Class
  • SPBA Elite Junior Team
  • SPBA Elite Senior Team
  • Badminton Fitness Class
  • Adult Class