It’s not too late to join our summer programming!

Register today for summer group classes, private lessons, badminton fitness classes, and elite team training! We can pro-rate classes (pending space availability) for the remainder of the summer.

At the SPBA, we believe that consistent training throughout the summer whenever possible is much more valuable that doing an intensive short camp and then not picking up your racket for the rest of the summer. Badminton is a sport where consistency is achieved by repetition and consistent training will lead to better muscle memory.

Here at the SPBA, we understand that many families take vacations, have summer plans, camps, and potential conflicts from time to time. Our summer training is 12 weeks long and we are happy to accommodate makeup classes throughout the summer session during the weeks you are in town and available! We just ask that you give us at least 24 hour notice when you are going to be absent. We also know that many of our athletes take summer school. Our classes are conveniently timed in the afternoons and evenings as not to interfere with summer school.

Summer Schedule and Pricing for all programing

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