Open Gym is Back! Doubles is back! Easing of Mitigations…

Illinois continues to loosen Covid-19 restrictions on businesses and we are now in Phase 4 !

The following are the new updates for safety regulations at our club:

  1. Open Gym continues with limits on capacity. The cost is $5 for members and $10 for non-members. See the full schedule here
  2. We will still offer one rental court during open gym hours for those not wanting to share court space. These prices will resume to normal prices of $20/hour for members, $25/hour for non-members. Court rentals will still be booked through the Kourts app or here
  3. Doubles is permitted for both open gym and court reservations. 
  4. Our classes will continue to be only 2 players per court, however students no longer have to have the same hitting partner the entire lesson. Masks for classes are optional when on court, and required at all times off court.
  5. For the safety of our staff and guests, masks are required off court at all times. All participants must wear a face covering that fully covers their nose and mouth and fits snugly against the sides of the face with no gaps, when unable to maintain at least 6 feet social distance from another individual. The club has decided that this equates to masks required for doubles, optional for singles play. This is because, in doubles, you and your partner easily move back and forth and often would be within 6-feet of each other. The level of exertion in doubles is often less than singles so that should hopefully help with breathing and fogging of glasses.