Coach Shannon Pohl Mitchell

shannonbioUSA Badminton named Shannon the Developmental Coach of the Year for 2012. In addition, the US Olympic Committee selected her as a finalist for the 2012 USOC Developmental Coach of the Year amongst all Olympic sports. This is the only time a badminton coach has ever been a finalist to receive this prestigious award. Shannon first learned to play badminton at Prospect High School.  She represented Team USA at tournaments in 46 countries over twelve years, including four World Championships. Her highest ranking was #69 in the world in women’s singles. Shannon was the highest ranked American Shannon.POHL-03-USA-RS-AllEnglabadminton player in the world in women’s singles in 2009. She also won the bronze medal at the Pan American Championships in singles. Shannon has trained under some of the world’s finest coaches from England, Denmark, Malaysia, China, and Indonesia and she is eager to share her knowledge with you. Shannon has been Assistant National Coach for the Team USA at the Jr. Pan American Championships four times, each time with USA earning the Gold. Shannon is a USA Badminton Level 2 High Performance Coach and the highest level active coach in the Midwest Region.


Coach Andrés Corpancho Fort

Andrés is the eight time National Champion of Peru. He is a two time triple crown winner (Winning Gold in Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles in the same year) at the Adult National Championships as well. He had a great professional badminton career with impressive results in all categories, a rarity in badminton. His top ranking is #35 in the world in mixed doubles. He has beaten players ranked in the top 20 in the world in men’s singles as well as US Olympians and Canadian National Champions. He has also won international titles in all thee disciplines as well as placing in the top three in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles in the Pan American Championships. He also has a wealth of coaching experience, coaching National Team Players from Mexico, Brazil, and Ecuador as well as working with beginners in Peru. Two of his students went on to become Silver Medalists at the Pan American Games in women’s doubles and one of his students even qualified for the Olympics in women’s singles!


Coach Clay Gilmour

Clay is currently ranked 9th in men’s doubles and 21st in men’s singles in the United States as of March 2020.  He also placed third place in the 2019 US Pan Am Team Trials. He has trained and coached under two of Shannon’s most influential coaches in her career, one who was a World Champion from Indonesia and one who was a coach of Peter Gade (formerly World #1 in Men’s Singles) from Denmark. He comes to the SPBA from California, where he has had a lot of experience coaching players of all ages and abilities from high school players, to young beginners to Junior National level club players.