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In 2011 and 2012, Shannon organized and led a badminton themed flashmob in Chicago with her students to support and raise awareness and funds for the charity Solibad-Badminton without Borders, which funds projects for under-privileged children and promotes the sport of badminton. Shannon’s Chicago flashmob was one of 100 cities worldwide to participate in the world record-sized global flashmob Ied by international badminton stars.  Not only does this help the charity through the estimated 150,000 YouTube hits these videos have garnered, but it also raises awareness in Chicago about a little-known sport.  Shannon’s flashmob attracted 200 unsuspecting spectators and nearly 2,000 YouTube hits.  Shannon and her students were also featured in Badminton World Magazine’s newscast (at 9 min 5 sec) which brought international attention to her academy.

2011 Chicago Solibad Flashmob

2011 Worldwide Solibad Flashmob

2012 Chicago Solibad Flashmob

2012 Worldwide Solibad Flashmob

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