Midwest Badminton Association Junior Championships

In 2010, the Midwest Badminton Association Junior Championships was hosted at the SPBA. We are currently working to bring this event to the SPBA again in 2013!

It was very exciting to have the chance to participate such a widely recognized tournament so close to home. I thought the competition was fierce, the atmosphere was energized, and overall the players and the crowd had a great time. I loved the opportunity to play other badminton players from my community and in towns near by.
~ Sydney Glassman (age 16)

The tournament was an amazing experience overall.  Dawn and Bharat Patel, the tournament directors, did a great job staying organized and putting together a successful tournament. I loved seeing that players of all ages and levels attended. Not only did I learn so much about my badminton game from my matches, but I observed so many useful strategies and skills from players at a higher level than me. I loved having the tournament at my club in Vernon Hills because I am very comfortable playing in that facility.  Shannon Pohl and Adversity were awesome hosts and made everyone feel welcome to the tournament. The Midwest Junior Championships was a positive experience for everyone involved.
~ Jenna Aronson (age 16)

Playing in the MBA Jr. Championships was a great and fun experience for me. It was challenging to play against players that were older than me. I also got to meet new friends. Badminton rocks!!!
~ Amelia Lee (age 9)

This was my second year attending a junior badminton tournament. Last year when I competed in a tournament I remember sitting and looking at all of the older girls playing in amazement. I had only hoped to be able to play as well as they did. This year, as I stepped on the court to warm up I saw that I was the one being watched by the young girls. It felt good knowing that I was their role model. Being apart of the older people who were playing I had so much fun being able to watch, and help out the younger kids. It reminded me of how far I have truly come. Compared to last year I could have never been able to picture myself where I am now. This tournament helped me be able to see how much progress I have made over a year. With hard work and dedication, anything is possible.
~ Taylor Seplowin (age 17)

2010 Midwest Badminton Association Junior Championships Photos